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Protect your Computer from virus, worms and other malware

Explanation of steps to take to protect your computer from evil downloads

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Free abridged web site analysis explaining if you website is search engine friendly

The Benefits of Linking

The benefits of reciprocal linking to your website's search engine positioning

Deceitful SEO Practices

A description of dishonest SEO and Internet marketing company practices and recommendations of how to avoid getting ripped off.

Spam- what is it?

How spam got named, how government tried to stop it and what you should do about it

Do it yourself linking vs. Audette Internet Solutions linking

Explaining the process necessary to successfully conduct a reciprocal linking project

Protect your email

How to prevent email harvesting robots from finding your email address posted on your website

Phish email

What is phish email and how to spot one when it arrives in your inbox.

Privacy Policy, Audette Internet Solutions

Audette Internet Solutions' privacy policy listing what we will and won't do with information generated from doing business online.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Having a web site on the world wide web is no longer enough. You must ensure that it is actually found and visited for it to be of value.

Free Software

To qualify for free downloads (or a free CD of programs) simply fill out our website analysis request form.

Free SEO Do-It-Yourself Help

Download a free, 87 page e-book highlighting the important features of an Internet marketing/SEO project.