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Today, having a web site on the Internet is not enough. The saying "If you build it...they will come" makes for a great baseball movie but it just doesn't apply to a web site.  More realistically, the truism is "If they can't find you...they will never show up."

Most small companies are on the Internet because their competition is there...because practically everybody is there.  Therein lies the problem.  The Internet is so popular...there are so many web sites on it, related to any topic you can imagine, it is not uncommon to find hundreds of thousand, if not millions of result pages in a search engine when you search for a common term.  

If the Search Engines do find your web site...will they like what they see?
"Search Engine friendly" web sites have a much easier time attaining a prominent position in the Search Engine Results Pages. (SERP's)  How do you know if your web site is search engine friendly?  We will tell you for free!  Just fill out our contact form.
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A common expression heard from web site owners is "When a web visitor finds my site, I don't want him clicking on a link there and moving on to someone else's website.  I want him to stay at my site as long as possible."  Statements such as this reveal a lack of understanding of how the Internet works and is the result of flawed reasoning.   --- MORE
The Right Keywords to Open the Door to your Website
Gone are the days when you could list 50 or more keywords and have the search engines even consider listing you if someone should search for one of your terms.  The operative word here is specificity.  Each and every webpage should be about one...maybe two specific topics.  Want to talk about a third topic?  Make a new page.  Each and every webpage on your site should list keywords that are specific to that page only. 
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