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A few words from Armand

     My name is Armand Audette, the owner of Audette Internet Solutions.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by.

     I'd also like to briefly explain to you who I am, what I do and how I can help you.

     I bought my first computer in 1990...before there was a World Wide Web, before Windows became the operating system of choice.  I taught myself DOS and I was fully entrenched in coding and configuring applications.

     Later, when the Internet became available for all, I designed one of the first accommodations websites in our area...from scratch by typing pure HTML code.  That website went on to win awards for technical excellence and functionality.

     As my abilities grew, so did my productivity.  Word spread and I was interviewed for a position at our local community college to teach about the Internet and web design.   After two enjoyable years, I realized that my teaching was consuming so much of my time, I was no longer able to work on the computer projects I so loved to do.  

Phase 1 (web design)

     A  decision was then made to resign my teaching post to devote myself, full-time, to my Internet business.

     I have since designed and re-designed many websites in Massachusetts and in Florida.  The Web, today, is so large and extends into every facet of life...it is almost to the point that everyone who wanted or needed a website...now has one.  My primary business moved from designing new websites to helping improve existing sites...adding features using JavaScript, Java applets, animations, virtual tours, PayPal stores, etc.

Phase 2 (web hosting)

     In the course of talking with a number of my customers, I found that many were displeased with their webhosting service.   They were either paying too much for hosting or their website was off-line too often or they received poor service or a combination of these.  They were simply a victim of bad business but had few alternatives.

     I decided to offer a webhosting service that provided the kind of service that I would like to receive.  Thus Eight Dollar Web Hosting was born.   With servers located in Pennsylvania and Miami, we provide web hosting and email service to a growing number of businesses throughout the east coast.  Our support is unsurpassed, our service is inexpensive and anything but bare bones.  User accessible control panels allow you to get as technically involved as you wish, or we can do it all for you with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

     Satisfied customers are our best advertisement.  To preserve their privacy and reduce the amount of spam they may receive, we will not post their email addresses here.  I would be happy to provide you with their contact info so you can ask them any questions you'd like.  Simply email me at and ask.

Phase 3 (Internet Marketing, SEO)

     The third phase of my Internet business, once again, grew out of listening to my customers.  It seemed that, despite good web content and good web design, they weren't getting the web traffic they anticipated and their web site wasn't "producing" the return they had expected.  Since 80% of web site visitors arrive via clicking a link on a search engine, it was obvious that where a web site was listed in a search engine would have a dramatic effect on the amount of web traffic that site receives.

     My skills in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization were lacking despite having read every book I could find on the subjects.  I therefore enrolled in a certified study course to sharpen my skills.   When my customers heard about what I was doing, they began contacting me and asking me for my services in this area even before I had finished my coursework!

     I can now emphatically say that, when properly implemented, Search Engine Optimization works! Every one of my web hosting customers, who has subscribed to my Internet Marketing services, has received such an increase in Internet traffic, I have had to raise their monthly bandwidth quota as a result.  All are receiving more web traffic than they have ever seen before.

     The positive results have been so consistent, I am tempted to offer a guarantee!  I hesitate to do this, however, for fear of being associated with unscrupulous SEO companies (see Beware of Deceitful SEO's )

     Once again, a satisfied customer is our best advertisement.  Email addresses furnished upon request.  These are busy business people so please do not call them on the phone.

The Future

     Internet Marketing is becoming a more difficult task as more and more web site owners realize that unless they do something, their website will languish in obscurity buried deep in the search engine results pages.

     The best way to understand a web searcher's behavior is to examine your own.  When you go to a search engine, how many result pages do you scroll through looking for the right website?  One? Two? Three?

     Research has shown that if a web searcher doesn't find what he is looking for in the first three result pages, he typically will start a new search with more specific search terms.  This means that if your website is listed on the 4th page, it is about as visible to the web searcher as it would be on the 200th page.   For this reason, our goal in Internet Marketing is to get your website placed in the first three pages of the search engines  (top 30).

Every Internet Marketing customer we have ever serviced has obtained a top 30 placement.
(Currently, they are all enjoying a top 10 position!)

     I am an honest person and I run an honest business.  I will change the above sentence as soon as it is no longer accurate.

     I cannot stress enough to you my desire to demonstrate my helpfulness and my true concern for your website's success.  Please let me show you.  Simply send an email to the address below and include your name, web site URL and your email address (so I can reply to you).  You are under no obligation and, believe me, I am not collecting email addresses to sell or otherwise spam you.    That would be bad business.

Copyright 2005  Audette Internet Solutions  All rights reserved

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