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No web design company will quote you a legitimate price without first reviewing the specifications and requirements of the web site.  A.I.S. is no different.  We will, however provide you with a starting price to be used as a frame of reference.  Take a look at the left column of this page.

"What will it Cost?"

All pricing is, of course, based upon the complexity of the project.  While we can get you a domain name, one year of web hosting and a basic web page with a few photos and contact information...all for only $300.00, we are sure that you will soon feel limited with what you are presenting on-line and wish to expand upon your presentation.  This "expansion" of course would come at an extra cost.


We try to be fair minded and we realize that most small businesses do not have limitless advertising budgets.  We are flexible enough to work with you and allow you to do as much of the project yourself as your abilities and time allow.  This will, of course, lessen our workload and our prices will be reduced accordingly.

"I'm embarrassed because I don't know the right terms to use."

One thing to keep in mind:  When you communicate with us you do not have to know how to speak in "web terms."  Many small business owners don't have the time or inclination to learn the ins and outs of web design and Internet terminology and feel intimidated when discussing their Internet needs with a web professional.


We cannot stress enough how much we'd like you to fill out our contact form.   Only then can you experience, first hand, how we do business.  Every  email is answered so go ahead, ask us a question.  Have us a take a look at your site and tell you what we think.  Tell us your Internet budget and ask us what we can do for that price.


Every communication with us is confidential.  You are under no obligation whatsoever.   The only catch is by submitting our form to us you agree to allow us to reply to you via email.  We don't send Spam and never will.  Nor will we ever sell your email address to anyone.  If you receive Spam (and who doesn't) it will NEVER originate from or increase because of a communication with us.

  A word of caution is in order here.  Beware of companies that try to woo you with incredibly "reasonable" design prices.  These companies offer "low-ball" prices to get you to sign up.  Of course they cannot survive very long if they don't have any profit.  The way these companies make their real monies is when they host your cheaply made website with their expensive  hosting service.  These companies are literally banking on the hope that you don't know any better.  "Well, if $29.95 per month is the going rate to have a website on the Internet, I guess I have to pay that."  

Losing some profit by designing your website at a price no one else can beat, is more than made up for by charging triple for web hosting which is a recurring charge that you will continue to pay month after month, year after year.

We will try to dispel myths and explain everything in a no-nonsense manner.  We know how to translate "computer-ese" into plain English. You don't have to know about bandwidth, disc space, image compression, etc. We'll take care of you at a fair price.

The world has become smaller and smaller thanks to the world-wide web.  No matter how small a company you have you now can compete with the "Big Boys."

Print ads and face to face commerce is still popular but you must understand that most people today use the Internet to find what they want.  How you and your company looks to them is very important to your success.  To borrow from a Brad Paisley song: "You'll sure look cooler on-line."


Web Design


A simple web site with up to four pages, including hosting and a unique domain name and email address beginning at $300.00.    Contact Us


Web Hosting


Already have a good web site but feel you are paying too much for hosting?  Our sister company Eight Dollar Web Hosting will keep your web site connected to the Internet for only $8.00 per month.    More Info


Web Site Updates


Sometimes a good web site only needs "tweaking" to become outstanding!  Ask us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your site and we will quote you a price.                                                 Contact Us


Search Engine Optimization


Get your web site found via the Search Engines. Check out your current web site's ranking and if you are not satisfied, we can help.  Prices from $400.00    Contact us


Internet Marketing


When increasing your search engine rankings doesn't seem to be affecting your bottom line, it's time to move to the next level to bring your site up to its potential.   $400.00 and up                                                    Contact Us


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